Residential Elderly Care in Chatsworth -Testamonials

Darlene Wilson


It was December 2005 when my husband was in the hospital. I was up a creek, had no place for him to receive the care he needed for his Vascular Dementia and Parkinson's Disease. He had become so contentious with the Dementia that SunRise in Chatsworth refused to have him back as a resident.

Then I discovered that John and Natalie Mallon of JJ Palms said that they knew they could take care of my husband's many needs. They went to the hospital and met my husband. I checked out JJ Palms and their certification, as we had LTC insurance at the time.

The happy news is that for the next eight years of Chuck's life, he had constant care, support and love from an incredibly well-trained staff. In addition, they were always there for me as well. Something I never found at SunRise.

I shall always be thankful that such care was available.

Darlene Wilson

Dennis F. Erikson

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my views on the care provided by Twin Palms. Having been a nursing home administrator for 25 years, I was well aware of the services that are provided in Board and Care homes, but when it came to finding the perfect facility for my 93 year old mother, I looked with well trained eyes. I am well aware that most homes use the bottom line to determine the care and service that is to be provided. That’s not saying that the bottom line isn’t important, but Twin Palms had discovered the secret of success. They had discovered that what is important is caring for the whole person-physically, mentally and spiritually. What was and is the most important philosophy for them is making the home a home where the individual is treated as a person who has interesting stories and values to share and they were given time to express themselves and feel loved and accepted. The secret they learned was that it is the individual care provided that determines the success of the home and not the bottom line that determines the kind of care provided and the home’s success in making a person feel loved, respected and cared about.

My mother spent four plus years in that setting, passing away just before her 98th birthday. What was rewarding to me, when I visited her weekly was to see the care she received, the sense of family maintained and never hear what I heard so often in the healthcare field, that this and that were terrible. But no, what I heard was, this is my family and I feel accepted here. She passed away with this feeling and I am indeed grateful to staff and management of Twin Palms for instilling that feeling within her.

Keep up the good work stressing that it isn’t the bottom line that determines the care given, but the loving care provided that determines the bottom line. John and Natalie, you got it right, I hope others providing this care, will make the same discovery.

Don Took

After my wife, Laura, was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, I cared for her as best I could for 5 years. But eventually, I realized that I could no longer meet all the ongoing needs of this incredibly debilitating disease, and that I needed some help. I initially looked into assisted living situations, but Laura's sister mentioned that she had visitied a board and care home at one time and was very impressed with the level of care. Although there are over 3000 of these facilities in the Los Angeles area alone, they are still one of the best kept secrets in the ongoing care community. I contacted a placement agent through the Alzheimer’s Assn., and she recommended Royal Palms. I met with John Mallon and toured his 3 homes in Chatsworth. John and I hit it off immediately, and I was struck with his positive energy and attitude. But I figured I needed to do more research, so I contacted the placement agent and asked her what other homes I should look at......she looked at me for a moment and then said, "I can send you to as many homes as you like, but your wife will never get better care than she will at Royal Palms." That sealed it as far as I was concerned, and I've never second-guessed my decision. For the past 4 years, Laura has lived in a beautiful, spacious home with her own room. She is washed and cleaned every single day and lovingly cared for by her live-in caregivers, Ben and Zeni Fernandez. Even though she is now in the advanced stages of dementia, she shows very little signs of stress and agitation. Recent studies have shown that loving care is far more effective than medication in treating Alzheimer's.......Laura is living proof of that. And all of this individualized attention and loving care is provided to her for less than half the cost of most assisted living facilities, which sometimes resemble warehouses because of their size and staffing demands. John Mallon and his wonderful wife and staff have provided my wife with a warm, loving and cheerful environment, where she is nurtured and protected..........I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you, John and Natalie.

Heidi Poley

My father lived at Royal Palms for 2 1/2 years. I moved him there because I felt he was not getting adequate care where he was. After a short time he said to the staff, "My daughter moved me here to die but I'm living instead". What a compliment!

The live in staff cared for my father with love, devotion and pride.

The owners were caring and pro active, taking my father to appointments, helping him with any issues that came up or just driving around for some sightseeing.

My father lived to nearly 99 years and because of the excellent care he was given at Royal Palms, the last years of his life were comfortable, restful and in a loving environment. I would recommend the Royal Palms care home to anyone looking for a place for their loved one to live.

Rick Stern


My dad spent the last 4 1/2 years of his life at Twin Palms. Moving my dad to this type of facility was extremely difficult. He suffered from the onset of dementia and became extremely hard to care for. Finding the right place was a hard task and a difficult decision to make. The staff at Twin Palms put my mind at ease and made me feel like my father would now become a part of their family and would be treated as such. This was a very comforting feeling knowing he would be cared for in the same manner that my family had tried to do for so many years.

The facility has a very warm and home like feeling and I could see my father quickly got use to his surroundings. The administrator John Mallon his wife and the staff always had my dad’s best interest at heart and made sure he was getting the optimum care. They made sure that every birthday, holiday, and special occasion was never missed and the group always celebrated every occasion like a family. As time went on and my father was no longer able to attend our family functions it was important to me that he feel the same love as he did with his family for so many years.

My father recently passed at the Twin Palms facility and they were there for my family to support us during this extremely hard time. John his family and staff became part of our family and will hold a place in my heart forever.

If you have a loved one that is in need of this type of care Twin Palms is the right choice. 

Thanks for all your love and Support

Residential Elderly Care in Chatsworth

Dennis Ferrone

I have to say that John and Natalie, along with l their staff are exceptional human beings. I have never seen such genuine loving care come from a group of people like there is at Royal palms.

Having had experience with nursing homes for both my parents and mother- in-law I can say it will be hard to find a facility where care givers are as nurturing, and caring and affectionate as this one. It is truly a family environment. Warm, involved, loving. loving. iI placed my cousin their where she lived out the last three years of her life - when she passed away it was a heartfelt by everyone. Amazing people. I miss them.